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Leonardo Da Vinci

500th year anniversary exhibition

In Honor of the 500th year anniversary of Leonardo Da Vinci, this fascinating and colourful exhibition devoted to the universal genius

A Renaissance man whose infinite curiosity is matched only by his power of invention.

In this exhibition, dozens of giant machines inspired by Da Vinci’s plans and sketches will be exhibited in Israel for the first time, alongside new technologies that will create a fascinating and mesmerising visual experience. Drawings, sketches, giant figures, moving physical models, holograms, screenings, and activities – all in a fascinating and interactive atmosphere.  

2019-02-27 20.47.45.jpg
2019-02-27 20.40.26.jpg
2019-02-27 20.59.06.jpg

Producer:  Zev Eizik     Design: Ron Ben Yaacov
 Content: Eran Shavit

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