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We Are Insight

We design visual content for live experiences!


For over 20 years we have been creating content for many different types of projects. Each project has its special challenges, but the content always has to stand out, be creative, intelligent and touch people's hearts.


We put all of our love and effort into the shows we are part of, and always think how our design blends with other elements of the live experience - sound, lights, stage, and performers. 

There is no bigger reward than feeling the emotional impact of our work on a live audience.

Bynet Expo


We work on a variety of events: conventions, product launches, employee parties, private events, gala dinners, etc. 

We will find a creative way to get your brand’s message across the room and give your crowd that WOW effect.


This is still a relatively new and exciting art form that enables us to bring architecture and sets to life - and we love it!



National award ceremonies, educational prizes and memorial events are an opportunity to impact and imprint visual images to our collective memory as a community. this asks for our  sensitivity, thought and understanding the influence of our work.


Designing video for theatre must be accurate. Like an actor.

We love the challenge, and won several prizes for our work.



The use of multi-media in retail environments is rapidly growing. We design creative and imaginative content that brings the environments to life.


We create immersive and captivating installations for visitor centers and exhibitions. Through our work, we aim to tell stories in a way that pushes the boundaries of art and design and create engaging experiences that leave a lasting impression on the audience.

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Our biggest passion is finding new and exciting ways to enhance live music concerts.  

We love working with artists from the concept phase to that magical moment when the lights go off and the show begins. 

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